All participants of our Corporate Packages report that their team are able to cope better with stress, are happier and more focused at work, following just one of our sessions!

Research shows that improving your employees’ mental and physical health and wellbeing:

Increases productivity
• Decreases absenteeism and presenteeism
• Creates a more engaged workforce
• Reduces your business costs

All wellness packages are designed specifically for the attendees and the needs of the business, with a general focus on creating more energy and reducing stress levels.

Packages are also designed for schools students to teach them techniques for dealing with stress and Community Centres to help the elderly maintain their health and fitness.

Enquiry to learn what package would suit
your teams requirements:

– Single Team Building session  
– Forth-nightly Sessions
– Monthly Sessions

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Corporate Packages are great ice breakers at team induction sessions, conferences breaks and make for great Team Motivation Programs, when rolled out as a series of regular sessions.
Packages are designed for any age and fitness level.

1 – Relaxation & Meditation Package  

Empower your team with the skills to notice any signs of stress and how to kick it out of their lives! Session include:

Breathing & EFT Techniques
– For stress release and anxiety

Guided Mindfulness Meditation
– Promotes relaxation and peace for the mind and body

2 – Mind + Body Fusion Package

Step away from the desk and strengthen your team’s spirit and promote movement in their body. Sessions include:

Fusion of TaiChi, Qigong and Pilates
– Gentle blend of rhythmic moves
– Improves flexibility and mobility
– Promotes an awareness of spinal alignment, aiding in better posture

Relaxation methods using a ChiBall
– Light stretches to improves flexibility and mobility
– The Chiball is a massage and support tool for the neck and back
– Aides in better posture and spinal alignment
– Helps to create and balance your energy

Guided Meditation
– Promotes relaxation and peace for the mind and body

Some clients that enjoyed the benefits of a Package..


Powercor (Citypower)
Institute of Public Accountants
Womens Police (CBD)
SHELL Australia
Elite Customer Solutions

Community Centres

Beneta Aged Care
Dianella Community
Moonee Valley Community
Doutta Galla Community
WISIN services
Aust Physiotherapy Association
Parkinsons Hospital (Burwood)

Education Institutes

Mentone Girls Grammar
Ivanhoe Girls Grammar
Penola College
Isik College
Ilim College